Error while uploading Regular SMA Strategy

Hi @aki_brainzz,

Just like the previous error where I was trying to upload RegularEMAStrategy, now I was trying to upload RegularSMAStrategy into my account but I received the following error this time -

Here is the entire code for it -

import inspect
from pyalgotrading.algobulls import AlgoBullsConnection

from pyalgostrategypool.strategy_sma_regular_order import StrategySMARegularOrder

algobulls_connection = AlgoBullsConnection()

The output of the above step is:

Please login to this URL with your AlgoBulls credentials and get your developer access token:

Set the access token in the next line of code as shown here:




If you are re-uploading your strategy after some changes, then use the overwrite switch as shown here:

algobulls_connection.create_strategy(StrategySMARegularOrder, overwrite=True)

Kindly help me resolve this issue so that I can upload this strategy into my account

Hi @Raghav_Talwar,

Kindly run the following command to install the 2021.1.3 version of pyalgotrading.

pip install pyalgotrading --upgrade

You may check that the version is 2021.1.3 using the pip freeze command.

If you are using a Jupyter notebook, Kindly restart the kernel for the version change to take effect.

Re-run the code and do let me know if the error persists or has been resolved.

` aki