Backtesting starts but taking too long at first sanity check only

Running on instrument SBIN.

Logs shows :

[2023-01-07 18:47:02] Performing sanity checks on cfg strategy_parameters, setting up required data structures…

  1. Running back testing for 10 mins, shows 20 mins of executable time consumed and not further proceeding.

  2. Checked on trading view, it should add order as per my strategy.

  3. Stopping backtesting does not stop it quickly, has to wait and stop again when button enables again after 2-3 minutes.

Creating and running strategy for the first time.
Got a KT from the algobulls expert (Akhil), doing everything the same way he instructed. Checked.

Hi @Kotecha_Maulik ,

Kindly try today after 09:15 AM.

` Akhil

Hi @Akhil_Jain

Facing same issue again today

Hi @Kotecha_Maulik ,

We are looking into it.
I will revert as soon as possible.


Hi @Kotecha_Maulik ,

Kindly try today.

` Akhil