Unable to start or stop Stratergy

Hi there,

I am new user of algobulls, I have started a new strategy on this but since 16th oct. I have not been able to stop or start this, it give me message unknown error try again some time later, I have tried several times, but not working, also I am not able to see the P&L properly on this.

Kindly help me with this

Vijay Ingulkar

Hello @Vijay_Ingulkar sir,

Kindly share a SS or Strategy code which you are not able to start or stop.
Also, check logs in the strategy for eg in STAB080 we can see this error message in your account: QUANTITY SHOULD BE >=2 AND SHOULD BE AN EVEN NUMBER…KINDLY CHANGE THE QUANTITY AND RESTART.

We would like to inform you, our PnL reports are in the beta mode it shall be fixed very soon.


Hi, Thanks for you reply,

The strategy I am facing issue is STAB073, it is started since 16/10/20, When I tried to stop it gives error message, as Unknown error please try after some time.

Kindly look into it ASAP

Vijay Ingulkar

Hi @Vijay_Ingulkar sir,
Can you please check now?

We have resolved your issue



yes it is working now, I have one more question that I have kept max drawdown limit to 300 rs. I had loss yesterday in sbi trade of more that 500 rs. why the trading didn’t stopped??

can you please explain me the rational behind this?



I am waiting for your reply & again today same thing happen with STAB037 It made loss of more than 900 rs. I had to manually exit it. Explanation from your side will be highly appreciable.


Hi Vijay,

As per my communication with the Support Team, this has been discussed with you over a phone call twice.

Kindly get back in touch with the team if there are more clarifications required from your side.

As explained by the team, the RMS feature works differently, so any queries from your end regarding this will be highly appreciable.

Closing this for now

` aki