Trade inconsistency

I have subscribed to super sell strategy.on 28th oh June the strategy shows no trade taken, where as in my broker trade was taken why this inconsistency

As communicated with you over the call, regarding the disparities between the backtesting results and the displayed profit and loss (PNL) on our platform. We want to assure you that these differences can arise due to slippages, which are influenced by factors such as data vendor variations, market conditions, and liquidity. We want to emphasize that our platform is already updated with this information.
Kindly get in touch with us, or reply back here in case of any further queries.

.i suppose you are replying in the wrong window, my question it’s about why no trade reported on 28 June 2023 in your system where as my trades were
executed. Why does slippage come into picture. Anyhow since slippage is being discussed i would like to get myself clarified what percentage of difference can be considered as slippage? Can a difference in 20 30 points in nifty considered slippage? Today the trade in my portfolio was taken at a price of rs 52 where as the same option and same time frame the trade was executed at 72 in your portal. Is that also to be considered as slippage? Then I really doubt I am in safe hands.

Hi Sir,

We have investigated regarding the trade you have highlighted above.

There was a difference in data points from the exchange due to the sudden shifting of expiry one day prior than the scheduled expiry day.

Rest assured you are in safe hands since our system is fully automated and there are no manual (human) interventions from our end.

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