StopLoss When Entering Order


I found this article about various order types. I tried to use the below to place BUY order and simultaneously put StopLoss, order_transaction_type=action, quantity=quantity, order_variety=BrokerOrderVarietyConstants.STOPLOSS_LIMIT, price=price, trigger_price=trigger_price)

But it doesn’t consider trigger_price as StopLoss but considers it to be trigger price to enter the position.

How do I apply StopLoss while entering the order itself?

Hi @Rutul_Patel,

I believe you mean to exit the order if a particular stoploss is hit.

In case my assumption is correct, kindly place a proper entry order, and then apply corresponding stoploss exit order to it,

Kindly reply with further clarification in case I have misunderstood your query.


Thanks for the reply.

Do you I need to put to separate orders?

  1. One for entry
    2 Another for exit once my code decides that stop loss is hit? Or while placing entry order only this stoploss order can be set?

Hi @Rutul_Patel,

You are correct. These are 2 separate orders: one for entry, and another for exit when your logic determines that stoploss has been hit.


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