Method to get previous day date

please share the code to get current and previous market dates


Hi @Kiran_Thomas ,

From where would you like to get the current and previous market dates?

Kindly elaborate more on your query, so that it enables us to assist you further.


sorry for the inconvenience , i need to fetch current and previous market dates from python build .
this is the current code i am using now which is not proper… ,candle -3 min, NSE , intraday,

    def get_previous_trading_day(self):
    hist_data = self.get_historical_data(instrument)
    market_holidays = ['2023-01-01', '2023-05-01', '2023-12-25']
    hist_data.index = pd.to_datetime(hist_data.index)
    # Convert market holidays to datetime for comparison
    market_holidays_dt = pd.to_datetime(market_holidays)
    current_date = hist_data.index[-1].date()
    # Iterate backwards to find the previous trading day
    for i in range(1, len(hist_data)):
        previous_date = hist_data.index[-(i + 1)].date()
        # Check if previous date is not a weekend and not a holiday
        if previous_date.weekday() < 5 and previous_date not in market_holidays_dt:
            return previous_date
  "Skipping non-trading day: {previous_date}")
    prev_day_data = self.get_historical_data(instrument, start=previous_date, end=previous_date)
    prev_day_last_candle_low = prev_day_data['low'].iloc[-1]
    prev_day_last_candle_high = prev_day_data['high'].iloc[-1]

    return prev_day_last_candle_low, prev_day_last_candle_high

Hi @Kiran_Thomas ,

You want to catch the previous date from the historical data dataframe.

From your code, we see that you have already got the hist data:
hist_data = self.get_historical_data(instrument)

A few steps of pandas operations should help you retrieve the unique dates from the dataframe, from which you can extract the previous date.

A simple ChatGPT query may help:

The solution provided by ChatGPT may not work out-of-the-box; some additional tweaks may be required. But it should help steer you in the right direction.

Hope this helps,

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