Error while uploading strategy to my AlgoBulls account

I was trying to upload the strategy EMA Regular order on my algobulls account so that I can perform some backtesting and generate reports according to the tutorial on pyalgotrading repository but there is some constant error which is stopping me from uploading the strategy to my account in the final step. Kindly help me out with it.

Hi @Raghav_Talwar,

Kindly share the complete strategy code here.

` aki

I followed your tutorial only

code starts from here

import inspect
from pyalgotrading.algobulls import AlgoBullsConnection

from pyalgostrategypool.strategy_ema_regular_order import StrategyEMARegularOrder

algobulls_connection = AlgoBullsConnection()

The output of the above step is:

Please login to this URL with your AlgoBulls credentials and get your developer access token:

Set the access token in the next line of code as shown here:




If you are re-uploading your strategy after some changes, then use the overwrite switch as shown here:

algobulls_connection.create_strategy(StrategySMARegularOrder, overwrite=True)

code ends here

This is where the above error came. I didn’t make my own strategy. I rather imported an already existing one from the pyalgostrategypool. Kindly help me out.

Hi @Raghav_Talwar,

Kindly run the following command to install the 2021.1.2 version of pyalgotrading.

pip install pyalgotrading --upgrade

You may check that the version is 2021.1.2 using the pip freeze command.

If you are using a Jupyter notebook, Kindly restart the kernel for the version change to take effect.

Re-run the code and do let me know if the error persists or has been resolved.

` aki

Hello @aki_brainzz,

I did the updates and now the error has been resolved.

Thank you very much for your help!

Raghav Talwar